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Adam Reuter for Baltimore County Executive
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It's time to get Baltimore County back to basics! In summary, Adam will work to reduce County taxes, push for safer and better schools, respect and defend civil rights including healthcare choice, implement a "pay it forward" system to help keep our land clean, transition the government fleet and maintenance equipment to renewable/alternative energy sources and last but not least put in measures to reduce crime at all levels. During his live podcast, he will tell The Bald Truth about what's going on with the County Government, each and every week.

Adam does not take donations from big business owners/developers. He is a fighter for common everyday men, women and children who are pursuing and achieving their life goals.                           


The Issues, In Depth:

We have seen record cost of living increases in recent years. Every policy decision will prioritize the working class, so that more money stays in your wallet. In addition, Adam will push for an elimination or substantial reduction of property taxes for Baltimore County's retirees and those living on fixed incomes.
Small businesses were bullied for the last two years. From "non-essential" lockdowns to business license revocation threats if face masking wasn't enforced. The current administration has given corporate welfare to big business. Under Adam's administration, the County Government will help small business owners and lay the foundation for new ones. After all, small businesses are the backbone of America.

: For years, teachers have dealt with disruptive classrooms, which harm students who want to learn. Adam will push for policies that fix that long standing problem along with modernizing the high school curriculum. Parents will be informed about what is being taught in Baltimore County Public School classrooms. Young Baltimore County residents should not have to be riddled with college student loan debt just so they can find a decent job or career. Under utilized County resources will be promoted to help the working class. Higher crime rates are directly linked to lower education standards and lack of job opportunities.

Graduation rates are not an indicator of educational success. It's time for the high school diploma to be meaningful again!

Civil Rights have eroded over the past two years. First amendment violations, forced unemployment and medical tyranny chief among them. Adam has been an outspoken critic of these infringements since Spring 2020. He will do whatever it takes to protect Baltimore County residents from current and future rights violators. All standing COVID-19 related mandates will end on day one. Effective early treatments will be allowed and common sense science based measures (including recognizing prior infection immunity) will be in place. Doctors and nurses will no longer have their hands tied and will be able to save more patients.

Face masks that are effective at preventing viral spread may be recommended, but never required.

Adam will do away with no-bid government contracts.

If all Maryland residents watched this video, they would be stunned by the public safety information that our government officials and media have been hiding from them. Another video worth watching is linked here. This is the kind of information that Adam has been reaching out to elected officials and journalists with, but messages fell on deaf ears. Watch Adam's September 2021 speech, which he made after County Executive John Olszewski, Jr. announced that he was mandating the vaccine for County employees.

In addition, the United States and Maryland Constitutions--the supreme law that lays out civil rights and government restrictions--will be obeyed and respected. Under Adam's leadership, Baltimore County will become the freest land in the entire United States of America. Independence Day celebrations will be meaningful and our military members' sacrifices will be honored. Watch Adam's July 2019 testimony regarding this issue.

Adam will work towards making the Baltimore County Government more environmentally friendly. Litter clean up "Pay It Forward" programs will be funded and clean energy efforts to combat climate change will be implemented.

Do black lives matter? That should go without saying, but yes they most certainly do!

Questions that are asked on social media sites will be answered. In fact, Adam pledges to host a weekly live broadcast and run the most transparent "4K Ultra HD administration" in Baltimore County's history.

In summary, it's time for Baltimore County to get back to the basics! If the needs of County residents aren't being properly met, the government has no business funding its wants.

Watch Adam's track record of political activism here.

Adam is a life long Baltimore County resident. Throughout the course of the pandemic, he has criticized the unfair/unlawful business lockdown policies, school shutdowns, mask mandates, asymptomatic testing, vaccine mandates and lack of early treatment/prevention education. Simply put, costly ineffective policies did little to nothing, residents were not fully informed about risks and many effective health policies were not implemented to help save lives.

Adam has worked as an educator for Baltimore County Public Schools and CCBC Essex. He also was a Social Security Administration contractor.
He's full of ideas that will help make Baltimore County a better place. He's also a researcher at heart, so when push comes to shove you know that he'll make the right decisions.

Americans are now paying for these expensive half-witted policies inside of grocery stores and at the gas pump. Our children and teachers paid for it with sub par education. Adam is a true fighter for working class Americans and this July he asks for your vote to ensure that Baltimore County becomes a free and prosperous place to live.

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